"We Hire to Inspire"

POEA LICENSE NO. 198-LB-080416-R

Message from the President

           Being a daughter of an Overseas Filipino worker was difficult when growing up. But as I aged, I realized the importance of sacrificing one's desire to work in Philippines and leaving the country to find green pasture and help families to fulfill their desire and dreams. it is a rewarding experience to be part of one's success abroad, knowing that they were able to send their children to a good school, having their own house and having the business of their own. just like my father who sacrifice for all of us. this is what keeps us going. As long as we can help our fellow Filipinos find a good job for them to help their families in Philippines, we will be here. We will help those who are in dire need to help their family. We will continually look for good companies abroad to help also their company succeed even more.